When All Pieces Fall Into Place

When All Pieces Fall Into Place

When all pieces fall into place and all you have to do is living by it. This is where you feel the magic of life!

Whether you just came across my little corner on the internet (hello welcome!) or have been following my blog for some time, I want to share with you one of my most cherished pieces of advice: trust that all will fall into place sooner or later. If you have told me this three years ago, I would think you were crazy. Although I have always believed in a semi-makeable life fueled by hard work and dedication, I was less sure about the idea of everything falling into place. I found it a bit unrealistic.

My belief in a semi-makeable life has served as sufficient motivation for me to pursue both a successful private and professional life, of which my blog was one of the outputs. Along the way as I keep exploring and taking on challenges in these two fields, the trust in a semi-makeable life has made place for the principle of everything eventually gravitating to good ends. Taking on this perspective, I started to feel and notice that all things indeed turn out well. I never believed in this until it has shown to be really true in my life. Even the things and situations I thought were unfavorable, they all eventually have had their own purpose and contributed to the better good (although this might be hard to grasp at the time of occurrence).

Looking only at the past twelve months, I can already pinpoint some things that did really show the magic of everything falling into place. One year ago on Valentine’s Day, my long-term date has broken contact with me. Unsure whether I ever would find the one, this experience has actually prepared me for a better love life. This year’s Valentine’s Day, I had a really lovely date with a boy who has now become my boyfriend. So you can imagine how in one year’s time situations can completely reverse and change for the better. The same applied for my house hunt challenge. Rejection after rejection made me feel that finding an apartment in Amsterdam was mission impossible. In the end, my persistence and attempts have led to the puzzle pieces falling into place as I now can call Amsterdam my home.

The message I want to give you is exactly this: what you are going through now is contributing to a better life, so keep persisting and everything will fall into place. Just believe in me and yourself. If you are now in the same phase I was in a few years ago, have courage & faith as you keep fighting until the end. Feel free to share with me your stories. I’d love to hear from you.

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