Things That Successful Women Do Differently

Things That Successful Women Do Differently

The more I came across women who are successfully achieving their goals, the more I found out that they all have something in common. More specifically, it is fascinated to see that these women share some similar practices and traits. Practising them will give both you and me an extra boost in working towards our goals as well. Let us dig right in.

Every moment is a learning moment
Successful women never stop learning. They do not let any moment of self-learning slip through their fingers, even if it is just ten minutes. They are always looking for ways to feed their mind and develop themselves. These practices can come in different shapes. Examples are listening to pod casts, reading books and taking coaching sessions.

Dare to delegate
You realise the importance of focusing on the tasks which add value. In order to do so effectively it is necessary to delegate the non-essential activities to other colleagues. At first, you might not feel comfortable with imposing work to co-workers. However, keep in mind that by holding them accountable for subtasks you allow yourself to both focus on the core activities and rely on others’ help. This, in turn, will create more value for the company you are working in.

Enough is enough
It is important to know when it is time to walk away. Lady bosses are aware of both their self-worth and where their boundaries lie. This means that if something does not deserve your time and effort, you will leave the table without feeling guilty. With only a limited amount of resources, it is important to be selective and set priorities. This includes distancing yourself from unfruitful investments, collaborations or research projects. I know how difficult it is to walk away when you already devoted a lot of time, cost and effort to it. However, do not forget that it is even more costly if you continue to stay in a situation of which you know it will not provide any outcome. Leave the sunk costs as they are and focus on the costs that are not occurred yet. This same applies for negotiations and partnerships.

Always have plan B ready
They do not let setbacks put them down. If plan A does not work out, they always have an alternative solution at hand. By trying to be on top of things, they look beyond the obstacles and keep the big picture in mind so that they can always change their course.

Go to bed early and rise early
While others stay up late, successful career women go to bed on time as they know the importance of getting adequate sleep. Having an early night means that you can wake up early while at the same time feeling well-rested. Besides being well rested, they are highly disciplined and strict about maintaining their daily rhythm. It is exactly the combination of these factors that helps them to conquer the day and make choices wisely.

Involve in physical activities and mediation
Exercising and mediating help successful ladies to find their discipline and focus. As they rise early, they have enough time to plan in a small work-out and mediation session before heading to work. This facilitates them in gaining clarity of mind and setting priorities for the day.

Working towards these five things helps both you and me to keep reaching for our goals and dreams. Are you already putting them in practice? Let me know in the comments below.

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