The Three Best Things To Do In Spring

The Three Best Things To Do In Spring

Nothing beats the energy and spirit that spring brings. Make it an awesome season with these three tips.

Spring have always had a special place in my heart. For me, the approaching of spring is a signal that things change for the better. You can call me a spiritual garbage but there is really something magical coming from the blooming flowers and the chirping birds that set my soul on fire. This season attracts a lot of things evolving around it, more than any other season. Development of new relationships, career progressions and discovery of new places & things are just a few examples. To make optimal use of the energy and goodness spring brings around, let me reveal to you my secrets.

Spring cleaning
My favorite activity to do during the flower blooming period is spring cleaning. This helps me to both bring back my inner peace and get rid of all the unnecessary physical & mental clutter which gradually has piled up across time. In a previous article you can read more about the ways of doing this. A yearly spring cleaning session does not only help to create physical but also mental space. As a result, you will have more room in both your personal and private lives for new endeavours and challenges.

Embrace daylight
I was not a morning person from the beginning onwards. It took time for me to adjust my routine. Rising early was not always easy, especially when I was used to wake up around eight in the morning. Step by step, by setting my alarm everytime a bit earlier, I get used to waking up along with the spring sunrise and the bird songs. Now I even get up naturally around 6 AM without needing a morning call from my alarm. One major benefit I noticed from rising early is the fact that I can get more things done. The peace and quiteness in the morning make me more productive and less distracted. In addition, the spring morning comes with unique energy fostered by the sunlight, the flourishing of the flora & fauna and the chirping of the birds.

Go seasonal
I especially love the “seasonal” highlights of spring. The home-grown seasonal produce of spring is one of my favorites. It is mainly characterised by light digestive veggies & fruits with a refreshing taste, such as strawberries and asparagus. They give you a nice spring glow and nourish you from the inside out. Not to forget the season-bound activities, such as spring walks and outdoor volunteer opportunities, which also do the trick on me.

Use spring to your advantage and rock this season. Do you have any other tips to make this season awesome? Please let me know in the comments below.

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