The Secret To My Happiness

The Secret To My Happiness

Cultivating happiness takes time. I am happy to say that after years of practice & determination, I have embraced the art of happiness. Read about my secret here.

Many people ask me why I can look so happy all the time and what my secret is. Well here it is.. I am going to share with you my secret. I believe that everyone can achieve this state of happiness. It is totally makeable. I can tell you from experience as I have not always been like this. Especially in my teenage years, I was in a state of self-doubt and the unhappy moments seemed to keep coming back to me on a regular basis. One day I decided to change the course of my life for good. There are so many paths that I need to walk, I can not be like this forever. I do not want my future to be ruled by fears and negativity, but rather by happiness and courage. I am happy to say that after many years of practice & determination, I have embraced the art of happiness. By sharing the secret to my happiness with you, I hope to inspire you to reach or keep working on mastering your happiness as well. Read along.

The secret to happiness is that you already have it within you all the time. So you do not need to rely on other people or material staff to be happy. You own happiness, it is a state of mind that you can switch to immediately. The decision lies with you to radiate your own happiness from the inside out. It is easier said than done right? That was my first thought too. However, by consistently focusing on the good aspects of everything and not letting negativity drag me into a downwards spiral, I have made a habit of it. This purposeful way of thinking and living turn to something rooted deep in me.

In the beginning it was difficult to always be in this state as I am human being and have my emotions. Especially unexpected & seemingly negative circumstances and drama could hit me hard in the past. A trick I have learnt myself is to always think of three positive thoughts for every negative one, to counterbalance it. It is a simple act but its effect always amazed me. Gradually when I started to be better in doing this, I also became more confident in myself as my own cheerleader. I managed to create an imaginary circle around me, what I called my core of happiness. Since it is so solid, it keeps me from negativity and drama in such a way that they will not influence my thinking, mood and other parts of my life.

Cultivating happiness takes time. Keep holding on and I wish you the best in embracing happiness. What is your secret to happiness? I’d love to hear from you.

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