The Picture That Turned Into Black And White

The Picture That Turned Into Black And White

The moment the picture you took with her turned into
black and white,
the moment you decided to take away all its colours,
you have no idea how this has changed her life
once and for all.
All the vividness, love and happiness that were
once captured by this picture,
escaped and have found their way to other photos.

Experiences with you have died out.
The only things she has left are memories which become
so distant and blurry
that even the photo feels sorry for her.
This to the point that it could only express itself in
the two utmost extremes,
black and white.
Now what is left is only a shadow that
has been ripped off from
its colourful rainbow.

The joke that hits her the hardest of all is
that you once told her
life is like
a colouring book waiting for her
to fill it up with colours.
Now you are the one taking
the colours and turning them into
black and white.

What do you think that she is supposed to
think and do now?
The moment she learned to see my vie en rose,
you turned it all back by leaving her.

As she was a girl who has always known
black and white as
her only soulmates,
you know how you have changed her by
letting her feel
the warmth of the colours and
dance on the rhythm of the rainbow.

Now that you are gone,
the rainbow rays burn on her body and soul.
What used to make her feel alive
now kills her.
That is why she tries to keep distance from
the painful warmth
and decided to stay in the cooling shadow.
At least she is assured she will not get burned again,
at least she know she can still survive in
the same way she used to
before meeting

Trying to pick up her life again,
she started to become a girl who is happy with a
black white picture
miraculously enough this is
how she has found back her happiness.
She arrived in such a level of happiness
that she could donate the colours coming from
her heart
to the black white photo.



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