The Miraculous Things That Only Happen If You Love Being Alone

The Miraculous Things That Only Happen If You Love Being Alone

Miraculous things happen if you love being alone. These five wonderful benefits provide you enough reason to start spending more time alone.

When I was younger, I thought of being alone as something bad. I associated it with people not wanting to be around me because I was not likeable or popular enough to be friends with. Therefore, I always wanted to avoid spending time alone. Now that I am older, I try everything to plan some me time in between gatherings with friends & family and other social events. The first time I consciously spent time with only myself felt like a real eye-opening discovery. Let us take a deeper look into the things that I “discovered”.

You get to know yourself better
As you focus your energy and time on just yourself, it is easier to get into contact with your own feelings and thoughts without having to care about other people’s opinions and judgments. When you exclude yourself from external voices, you will tend to focus more on your heart and intuition. This, in turn, brings you in closer connection with your inner self. You come to know yourself at a whole other level.

You come to embrace your own weaknesses
Once you are alone and start reflecting on yourself, you get to see everything that is part of you. This also include the strengths and weaknesses you never knew you had. By practicing this a couple of times you see one major miracle-like thing happen, namely that your imperfections neither surprise nor confront you anymore. Instead, you learn to embrace them and improve on them.

You feel more independent than ever before
Knowing and keeping your weaknesses in control by constantly working on them, boost your self-confidence. Your dependence on others also decreases as you have learnt to make your own decisions by being alone with nobody but yourself to count on. This also means that you do not need other people’s approval and stop seeking for their validation.

The comfort zone does not appeal to you anymore
Spending time alone on a frequent basis helps you to become more aware of your strengths and potential. This way, your fear of the unknown gradually becomes part of the past. Rather you see the unexplored and unknown area as opportunity to refine your strengths and unleash your hidden capacities. Staying inside your comfort zone not only makes you feel unchallenged but it also downplays your strengths. If you had your way, you would do everything you can to push your boundaries.

You stop worrying about the little things
When you get comfortable with being alone, you start to think more clearly. It enables you to both look at current circumstances from a distance and better relate things. Tiny little things which previously would completely stress you out, now have lost their effect on you.

Have you already started to embrace the art of being alone? What kind of impact did you feel from doing this? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I relate to everything you’ve written.
    Loneliness can be daunting at first but there is something beautiful about it if you gradually begin to embrace it.
    Of course, just like in anything, there should be a balance between solitude and social life.
    Too much of alone time can be too overwhelming and having no time with your own thoughts can distance you from your own self.
    Very well written ❤.


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