The Hidden Gem Of Amsterdam: Corner Bakery

The Hidden Gem Of Amsterdam: Corner Bakery

Hidden between the touristic places in Amsterdam, the Corner Bakery offers an unique experience with its instagrammable food and cheerful interior. Find out how it is to lunch here!

At weekends I love to go out for brunch with my family and friends. It is a great way for me to refuel myself from the busy working week and spend quality time with my loved ones. I always like to try out different places to eat. This time I went to Corner Bakery in Amsterdam which was already on my bucketlist for quite a while.

Hidden between the famous Museumplein and the vibrant district of De Pijp, the Corner Bakery is located on the corner of Johannes Vermeerstraat (hence the name!) at number 40. The fact that it is not centrally and visibly located does not stop people from coming here to enjoy a breakfast, brunch, coffee or lunch. Especially its instagrammable food and cheerful interior make it a lovely eating spot. The menu includes a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, pancakes, burgers, milkshakes and drinks.

During lunch here, my sister and I tried as much of their menu as possible. As the freak milkshake is their iconic menu-item, we definitely had to order this first. You can make a choice from the flavours of vanilla, strawberry, (white) chocolate and banana. The freak milkshake came in a lovely jar and it comes with a donut on top which is colourful decorated with sprinkles, marshmallows, cereals & whipped cream. My sister and I have chosen the vanilla and chocolate milkshakes, respectively. Not only do they look photogenic, the quality can be tasted as well. The vanilla and chocolate flavour was strongly present while they were not extremely sweet. This was complemented by the fresh donut which was somewhat sweeter than the milkshake.

Corner Bakery Freak Shakes
Freak Shakes

Then we decided to choose an item from each of the other menu categories. As I always have been a great fan of red velvet, the choice for red velvet pancake was easily made. They were warmly served with maple syrup, whipped cream, powdered sugar and fresh fruit. The combination was really great, with sweet and freshness all in one. The cocoa powder has also given the pancakes a nice red colour.

Corner Bakery Red Velvet Pancakes
Red Velvet Pancakes

As for the sandwiches, we have opted for the tuna salad sandwiches. The tuna salad was freshly made and the zucchini and bell peppers has given a nice twist to it.

Corner Bakery Tuna Salad Sandwich
Tuna Salad Sandwiches

Although we were greatly satisfied, we still wanted to try the Eggs Benedict so much. It consisted of two halves of an english muffin with each of them being topped with poached eggs, bacon, lettuce and hollandaise sauce. The yolk was very soft and all the different ingredients strengthened each other in contributing to the overall taste of the dish.

Corner Bakery Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

Overall, it was a cozy environment to have lunch and the menu items tasted all very well. Although it was very busy, the staff was very friendly.

Since it is a small place, it can be pretty crowded. This is especially the case around lunchtime. So as a tip, it is better to go there outside lunch hours to avoid queues. In times when there is a line, you can still decide to wait. In the meantime you have time to already decide what you want to eat so you can directly order once a table is available.

Have you been to the Corner Bakery before? What were your experiences there? I’d love to know.

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