The Best Ways To Work from Home in a Productive and Fun Way

The Best Ways To Work from Home in a Productive and Fun Way

Working from home has never been so much productive and fun with these tips!

Irrespective of whether you are urged to work from home (e.g by the coronavirus pandemic) or want to alternate work at the office with home office, it is always important to keep the motivation and efficiency levels high. As my job as online marketing consultant asks me to be flexible in terms of workplace location, I have developed some practices from learning by doing which allow me to keep my productivity high regardless of the work area I am in. I am happy to share them with you and hope they will help you in working from home at a productive and fun manner as well. Let us dive in!

Set strict time slots
Set time slots and take them seriously. Do not allow yourself to do anything else than work within these time intervals. What I always do is planning a fixed break of 15 minutes after each work session. This allows me to stretch my legs and do something different than business-related things and come back with a fresh perspective to nail it again. For those among us who easily get distracted at home by work-unrelated things (e.g. cuddling your pet, turning on your washing machine) these breaks are the ideal moments for you to actually take on these things! By having these breaks scheduled, you will have more rest in your head and feel less urge to do random “home”-related things in the middle of your tasks.

Create a fixed work corner
The best is to create a work area within your home that enhances your business motivation and triggers your work mode. It could be for example, a spare room or a corner of your loft. Equip it with everything you need to get the business done. This also includes plants and other things to make your work environment appealing for you to work in. In the same light, you should also get dressed as if you were going to the office. This way, you keep that proactive attitude towards your work alive.

Have virtual meetings
Working from home does not need to stop you from interacting with your colleagues. To keep the flow going and to not having to miss the companion of your colleagues, organise virtual meetings. Think about, for instance, a daily check-in meeting in which you give an update to each other how everyone is proceeding. This way, you motivate each other which resembles the office atmosphere and dynamics.

Keep the fun rolling
Ticking of one task after another can be boring, especially when I am at home and interaction with colleagues or walks to the pantry are lacking. That is why I like to squeeze in some fun. What I always find a fun thing to do is to draw beautiful buckets on a sheet of paper. Based on the priority of the activities I allocate them to priority buckets accordingly. For the “high priority”- bucket, I put no more than two items in it. This way, I make it doable for myself to attain. After I have managed the two priorities, I reward myself with something nice. For example, a chai tea latte or a short video. After I am done with three of the medium-priority tasks or three low-priority tasks, I will also give myself a small treat. This helps me to boost my motivation and be less strict on myself by including some fun factors.

Create a support community
Working alone within four walls can be tough. That is why you need to make it smooth for yourself by creating a support community around you. This community does not necessarily have to be comprised of colleagues but can be people from your neighbourhood, friends, acquaintances and family members. Set up online meetings with them or go for a quick walk together to catch fresh air.

With these tips in your pocket, working from home has never been so much productive and fun. What are your experiences with working from home? Let me know in the comments below.

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