The 7 Things I Am Grateful For In Life

The 7 Things I Am Grateful For In Life

Taking a time to reflect on the things that you are grateful for in life can improve the quality of both your personal and professional life. Find out what the 7 things are that I am blessed for.

In today’s world we often have the tendency to keep looking and striving for the better. This makes it easier for us to complain about and overemphasise the things we lack. We will not be happier with this thinking. It might be better to turn things around by focusing on the things you do have right now and then to build from here. By realising and being grateful for everything you have now, I believe you will attract other good things coming your way. This is why I love to regularly take some time out to reflect and go through the things I am grateful for. During my 26 years on this beautiful planet, I can list 7 major things that I am the most grateful for in life. So in this spirit, I am listing them below.

My upbringing with two different cultures
Born in The Netherlands with my roots in Hong Kong, I have got the chance to grow up with two different cultures. This way, I learnt at a very young age to respect people from other countries with different thoughts, norms and values. My multi-cultural upbringing has also enabled me to develop an open mind and curiosity for different and new things & circumstances.

The opportunity to study
People usually say knowledge is power, wisdom is strength and learning is courage. This is so true to me. Although I did not always like to go to school as a little kid, now I am very happy that I did not give up on school after all. I was a child who always wanted to play outside and get distracted easily. So looking back, I feel very blessed for the well-developed school system in my country, the support of my parents and the inspiration from my teachers and my desirability to broaden my knowledge which all together enabled me to finish my studies with success. Besides gaining common sense and in-depth knowledge in my field of specialisation, the best of studying was to develop both my analytical skills and critical thinking. These two capabilities not only helped me to reach far in my career, but they also function as guidance for my personal life and self-development. Although I am graduated, I do not stop studying and learning, as they really keep opening new doors to me.

The chance to travel to different places around the world
As my parents love to travel around the world, my sister and I already begin to discover different countries together with our mum & dad since we were a few months old. This is how our love for traveling has emerged. Exploring one country firsthand is so amazing and is really a enrichment of my soul. I am very grateful that I got to visit different countries in Asia and Europe at a very young age. Now that I am older, I also like to travel on my own and to familiarise myself with other cultural habits and practices. By travelling I can broaden my exposure while developing myself personally.

Unconditional love and support from my family
I have not been here where I am now without the eternal love and support from my family. In any imaginable way, they have supported and are still supporting me in all the things I do. They helped me to go through all the ups and downs in my life. I am also grateful for the freedom they give me to discover who I am and to develop myself to be the woman who I am today. They are also my role models, from who I am still getting inspired every day. I feel so blessed, like I am the luckiest girl in the world, to have them as my family.

Good health is the foundation of everything. Without good health, it is difficult to do the things I love to do. It is the only thing in my life that takes me to places and enable me to do what I love. I am happy that I have been brought up with a healthy lifestyle. My parents always took me to the park and playground where I play with mud and hopping around. As I become older, this turned into long walks in the forest and cycling tours across the country-side. I also got involved into different kinds of sports. This always let me reach the sufficient portion of exercise. Looking at the other major health factor, nutrition, I grew up with a healthy food pattern. My mum always has attached a high value to a varied diet, which is also been reflected in the yummy meals she put on table. So for me it has never been difficult to take in the daily recommended amounts of proteins, veggies and fruits etc. I am blessed to be able to maintain this healthy way of living which got reflected on my energetic state of mind as well as my body condition.

The people I met along the way
During my 26 years I want to thank everyone I have met along my road. Not only the people who give my positive energy and love, but also the people who hurt and discouraged me. For the latter make me stronger and prepare me for the worst that may ever come.

My laughter
The indescribable impact that my laughter have made on the lives of other people, serving as motivation and inspiration made me feel happy. Even a smile bring a lot positivity out of people. In moments that did not feel like mine, my smile would be me greatest remedy. By laughing, even the gesture of moving the lip corners makes me instantly feel happier and more positive

What are you most thankful for in life? Love to hear from you!

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