My First Official Run

My First Official Run

You should have seen this post coming.. Yes, I really participated in my official first race three weeks ago on 15th July 2018, a date to never forget. In my article about how running has changed my life I have already hinted that I was going to participate in official running races. So how did […]

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The Secret To My Happiness

The Secret To My Happiness

Cultivating happiness takes time. I am happy to say that after years of practice & determination, I have embraced the art of happiness. Read about my secret here.

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How Running Has Changed My Life

How Running Has Changed My Life

The moment I decided to pick up running as hobby again, a lot of new doors have opened up to me. Find out how running has changed my life.

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7 Lessons I Have Learned From My Little Sister

7 Things I Learned From My Little Sister

Being a big sister is one of the best natural gifts a girl can have. Not only do you laugh and cry together, you also learn a lot from being an older sister. Find out what they are.

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