Street Art In London’s Shoreditch: The Best Murals

Street Art In London’s Shoreditch: The Best Murals

As a real street art fan, I can spend hours and hours of watching and being inspired by murals. After Hong Kong and Valencia, it was the turn of London. Most of you know that London is really my home away from home. I love to come back to this city every year. While last year I wrote an article about how fascinated I was by London’s pastel coloured houses, this year I have decided to put its street art into the spotlight. London has a special vibe and its street art just makes this complete. Especially the neighbourhood of Shoreditch is well known for its murals and it has the largest concentration of street art in London. I have made a selection of the best street art in this vibrant neighbourhood. So keep reading to be inspired.

Whitby Street
Street Art In London's Shoreditch - Whitby Street 1

If you look closer, you see that the murals are comprised of hundreds of tiny colour dots. As such, they can be classified as pointillism-based artwork. This is what makes it so special and worthwhile to see them with your own eyes.

Club Bow Street
Street Art In London's Shoreditch - Club Bow Street

I almost burst into a little laughter when reading these graffiti words. This message completely contradicts with Scoreditch itself as being one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods. This is exactly the sarcasm behind this mural which I like so much. The typography font with fringes is really the icing on the cake.

Old Street

The best about this artwork is that you can become part of it! If you just look at it, the mural is not complete. The floating wings invite you to complement it. Although you can find similar murals with floating wings elsewhere, this one distinguishes itself from the rest by the elegance it brings. Especially the fine golden colour, against the navy blue background, makes it such an elegant piece of art.

Camden High Street

What is so interesting and noteworthy about this mural is its vibrant colours and its high-density. This latter is present to such a large extent that a specific part of one animal forms a different part of another animal. What is also worth mentioning is the spray cap on the head of the owl, as if it is spraying itself and the other animals to life with paint.

Whitby Street

The reason this mural has captured my interest is its colour simplicity (read: only black and white), but more importantly, how this is compensated by pattern complexity.

Old Street

Murals come in all types. This one is an example of subtle street art. Remarkable are the thin and sharp lines that form the guardsman with bearskin hat in Union Jack colours. The colours are so subtle that you can clearly see the brick wall structure shining through.

I hope you enjoy Shoreditch’s street art and be inspired by it as much as I do. Have you seen street art there before? Which one is your favorite? I am definitely coming back next year to see the evolvement of murals in London’s coolest neighbourhood. Due to the dynamics of murals, you will never know what beautiful art pieces you will come across next time. It is this surprising effect of street art that I love so much.

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