The Life-Changing Magic Of Protecting My Own Energy

The Life-Changing Magic Of Protecting My Own Energy

In one of the most demanding periods of my life, I learned how to protect my own energy to be make a lasting impact on both my professional and personal lives.

Many of you know that I am currently busy with planning my move to Amsterdam and everything that goes with it. This sometimes feels really tough alongside a full-time job. As a result, I noticed that it absorbs a lot more energy from me than usual. I get tired very quickly and I am left with little energy at the end of the day because of this. This has confronted me with the importance of protecting my own energy. Determined to hold on to this, I have started a few weeks ago with being selective about using my energy.

Previously, when I forced myself enough I could spread my energy out over as many things as I can imagine. A bit of everything with lack of focus will eventually bring no result and leave me with nothing. Trying to squeeze in as many activities as possible and racing against time were the things I tended to do. If I now tell you that every day I take out one hour of relaxing me time, it might sound very controversial to you. How unbelievable this may be, it is true. The one hour that I used to still tick off activities, I now use to relax and chill, so doing literally nothing but to come back to myself. This is my way of protecting my energy, preventing myself to run out of energy and burn out like a candle. Coming back to myself is all I do in these 60 minutes. Even in this busy period in which every minute counts, it does not matter to me anymore that I cannot use this hour to still prepare for my house move, work on my blog and reply important emails etc. This is because I came to know that I eventually gain this hour back. By removing the tension from all the things I still need to do, whether professionally or personally, I enable myself to face them with a fresh and strain free perspective.

In fact, my endeavours to protect my energy now go beyond the above-mentioned one hour a day of relaxation. Outside this one hour, I keep doing everything I can to guard over my energy level. Requests and external tension which do not add value to myself, I simply pass. Then it does not matter how urgent that might be for other people. Of course, if it is in my ability and resources (including time!) you can definitely count on me. However, I need to watch over myself in such a way that helping and satisfying others do not come at the expense of my own wants and goals. Also, talking about external circumstances, most of them you cannot avoid and control but we can influence the way we react on them. Preventing myself to be irritated by or get angry about situations is my way of maintaining my inner peace and saving up my energy for more important things.

These changes in lifestyle that I have made, brought so much inner peace and energy at the right time: just when I needed them the most. Sharing this story with you, I hope it also brings you more perspective on protecting your energy as I am aware that for many of us this simply does not come naturally. That is absolutely fine as long as we realise this and take (small) steps to improve this situation. I’d love to hear about your experiences of protecting your own energy and inner peace.

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