How To Begin A Successful Talk

How To Begin A Successful Talk

For some of us a small social talk might not come naturally. Fortunately, these five tips show you that practice makes perfect and help you to improve your socialising skills.

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The 7 Things I Am Grateful For In Life

The 7 Things I Am Grateful For In Life

Taking a time to reflect on the things that you are grateful for in life can improve the quality of both your personal and professional life. Find out what the 7 things are that I am blessed for.

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Castle Of Which I Am Queen

Castle Of Which I Am My Own Queen

At first, the bricks they throw at me were heavy and hard to carry. Gradually I became stronger and stronger until one day I was capable to build myself a beautiful castle out of them, the castle of which I am my own queen. Level by level and floor by floor, I built up my […]

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10 Simple Things That Make Me Smile

10 Simple Things That Make Me Smile

Life is all about the simple things. They help you to get more out of both your personal and private lives. Find out what the 10 things are that make me smile.

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