My Winter Self-Care Routine

My Winter Self-Care Routine

Give yourself an extra pampering this winter with these self-care routine tips. Start making it even more magical and unforgettable than ever before.

Although winter is for many of us the cosiest season of the year, it can also be the period of time that absorbs a lot of energy from us. Adjusting to shorter days & longer nights, organising festive parties, picking gifts and still last-minute trying to achieve resolutions for this year.. these are all moments that invite tension and stress to come in. This explains why self-care is a little more important in the winter period than any other time. Follow these five tips to take better care of yourself this winter season. You got this!

Give yourself more time and space
It is logical that our energy levels lower in the winter. The decrease of sunlight, the cold and other changes inside and outside our bodies have influence on our levels of fitness. Be more patient with yourself, your body and mind. Give yourself more time to complete things, slow down and feel your winter rhythm. Do not try to squeeze in last-minute tasks. Just let them go or plan them for the upcoming days if your schedule allows you.

Take a power nap
It is not without reason that a lot of animals hibernate during the winter. We humans should take them as example in this respect. The outer and inner circumstances are slowing us down. This, in turn, renders us to have lower inspiration, motivation and energy. The best thing to do is literally taking a break from everything by having a nap to refuel ourselves. It does not have to be long, a half hour is enough. I promise that you will be more inspired and energised afterwards.

Go outside
The cold weather makes all of us not wanting to take one single step outside our homes. How strange it may sound, we are actually most in need of being outside in times we do not feel like it at all. Exercising and get moving outside benefit us the most in the winter as we can clear our heads and replenish our vitamin D levels in a natural way. Of course you can shorten the session but do not completely skip it. To make it fancier, you can even take your favourite warm beverage, such as hot chocolate with marshmallows, with you during your walk in the park. Does this not sound attractive?

Redecorate your living environment
During the winter period we spend more time inside than ever. Why not make it a cosier and more relaxing place to live in so that you can totally unwind and recharge yourself? My favourite home decorations in the winter, which simply cannot be missed in my house, include garland string lights, flueless fireplaces, plaids and candles. Do not underestimate the positive effect that a few home decoration items can have on the atmosphere. Give it a try yourself!

Pamper your skin
I do not need to tell you the importance of skin care. However, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of a more intensive skin nourishment in the winter months. The dry air and the drying heat in both our homes and offices do our skins no good. We need to take additional care of our skins by extra moisturising them. What I always love to do is pampering my skin with hydrating masks, body butters and creams. They complement the natural glow of my skin and help me to feel energetic from the inside out.

I hope my winter self-care routine tips can help you to brighten your winter. What are your winter self-care rituals? I’d love to hear from you.

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