My Favourite Moments From 2018

My Favourite Moments From 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! Just like last year, I thought I would have a go with reflecting on the year that is now coming to an end. What went well and what did not? What were the highlights that I need to remember from this year and tell my future grandchildren? Although there were a lot of fallbacks and things that did not go smoothly, 2018 has been an overall amazing year in which I got to fulfill and move closer to many of my goals. It was hard to just pick five favourites but eventually I succeeded to list them below.

My blog turned one this year
I can hardly believe that my blog turned one year old last October. Where has the time gone? I have been writing article after article with so much joy. Your support and engagement have been the main driving forces behind my hard work to keep inspiring you to make the best out of your professional and private lives as contemporary business women. I am beyond grateful to have all of you here at my little creative corner of the internet. I promise that I will keep surprising you with inspiring content. The first year is set which provides the foundation for many more to come!

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Buy my very first apartment
After almost two years of house hunting, I finally managed to find an apartment together with my sister in Amsterdam. Intense competition and rising house prices have reached their peaks in the capital. Buying a house here was really like mission impossible. The more difficult it became, the more grateful we were once we could finally call Amsterdam our home.

My first official race
It was such an honor to run my first official race last summer after many months of practice. It was an unforgettable run through sand dunes on a hot summer day. Despite the challenging circumstances, I am happy to have run my first 10K race within one hour with an exact time of 58:04. My first personal record lays the foundation for my future runs.

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Work with some of the best companies around the world
One of the things I love of being an online marketing consultant at my current company is that I got to work with the best organisations around the world. Although they can be overdemanding and very critical, I appreciate them for being this way. This is how I am continuously being challenged to bring the best out of me.

Visit Spain for the first time
Although I have been to many neighbouring countries of The Netherlands, I admit that I have not touched down the Spanish soil until last August. It was about time to discover this beautiful country and explore its culture & all that it offers. My first encounter with this country was the moment I visited its third largest city: Valencia. This city is the best place to visit for a perfect first time in Spain as it still maintains authentic Spanish vibes. This first trip to Spain was also part of my ritual to go on sistercation at least once per year. I am excited to keep discovering new places in this beautiful world with my little sister in 2019.

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What are your favourites from this year? Let me know in the comments below. It now only remains for me to wish you all the best for the upcoming year. Let us welcome 2019 together.

Until next time!

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