My 5 Favourite Moments From 2017

My 5 Favourite Moments From 2017

It is hard to believe that 2017 is coming to an end. As I reflect on this year, these five moments really turned out to be my favourites. Read more.

Wow guys, is it only me or do you also feel that this year has flown by so quickly? Since there is less than one week left before we permanently wave 2017 goodbye, I want to grasp the chance to reflect back on this year. In my journey to make the best of both my professional and private life, 2017 was (and is) definitely a year which has brought me far in this respect. Of course there were also a lot of things I wanted to do differently, but I simply can not rewrite 2017. So why not take a little time to address the best five moments from 2017 and let 2018 bring more of these moments?

Skiing for the first time
For me indulging in hobbies is one of the best ways to enjoy personal life. In March this year I went skiing for the first time. I have never done this before and it had really challenged me, especially because my hand-eye coordination is not that strong. I have fallen a lot but that does not stop me of calling it my new favourite hobby. I love skiing down the slope while passing all these beautiful sceneries and using my complete body in reaching the bottom of the mountain.

My 5 Favourites Of 2017

Take on a new professional challenge
Starting a new job has really opened new doors for me as I got to challenge myself more professionally. Although at the beginning I had to get used to a new work environment, I am really happy to have

Launch of my blog
After 1.5 years of preparation and hardworking I have launched my own blog. With the aim to inspire fellow contemporary business women to optimally combine their personal and professional lives, I feel so blessed that last month I got to celebrate my first-month blogging. I am so happy to both connect with you all and keep inspiring you with new articles.

Sister holiday to Antwerp
As my sister and I grow older, we do not see each other that often anymore unfortunately. However, despite of our busy schedules we still manage to plan sister dates and take on short citytrips within Europe. This year our trip to Antwerp has really been an unforgettable one. We both have never been there before. So it was so great to discover this Burgundian city together. The best was being able to combine sightseeing and shopping.

My 5 Favourites Of 2017

Afternoon tea in London with a view
The afternoon tea at Oblix on the 32nd floor of the Shard was really an unique experience. While tasting a selected assortment of pastries and sandwiches, we got to enjoy a stunning view of London. As it was in the occasion of my sister’s birthday, this had make it even more special.

Afternoon Tea With A View: Oblix London

What were your five favourite moments from 2017? I’d love to know about them. Share them in the comments below.

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