London’s Prettiest Neighbourhood: Notting Hill

London’s Prettiest Neighbourhood: Notting Hill

Escape from the city of London to find yourself in the fairytale of Nottinghill. Make your inner child feels alive again.

The fact that I am a huge fan of making short city trips within Europe can not be denied. It should also come as no surprise that London belongs to my favorites. When in this metropolis my not-to-be-missed activities are definitely immersing myself in the shopping paradise at the high streets and soaking up inspiration at Tate Modern. This time, however, I decided to escape to one of its iconic neighbourhoods. This is nothing less than Notting Hill.

Located in the bourough of Kensingon and Chelsea, this district in West-London is easily accesible by tube. Getting off at Notting Hill Gate, its main tube station, I headed down to Portobello Road and came to discover its side streets that are filled with cute pastel-hued townhouses as well.

Wandering around in this small part of town really made my inner child feels alive. The rainbow painted houses could have come straight out of fairytales. Artistic banisters & window frames and beautiful window planters made my fantasy run even wilder. Even in a gloomy day those bright and pastel colours will brighten up the day. It is always a perfect moment to stroll through these colourful streets, whether you need a little pick-me-up or just want to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere that they give off.

It is a magical feeling when everywhere you go to within Notting Hill the beautiful scenery keeps returning, from Portobello Road to Westbourne Grove and from Chalcot Square to Bywater Street.

Nottinghill Portobello Road
Portobello Road
Nottinghill Ladbroke Grove
Ladbroke Grove
Nottinghill Bywater Street
Bywater Street
Nottinghill Bywater Street 2
Bywater Street

Have you been to these vivid streets of Notting Hill before? If you plan to go here soon, have a great time exploring around and taking in your dose of colours.

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