Letter To 2017

Letter To 2017

Dear 2017, thank you for giving me 365 days in which I got to chase after my dreams and becoming a better version of me.

Dear 2017,

You are almost coming to an end. I am thankful for the opportunities I got to take in realising some of my dreams and becoming a better version of me.

You definitely have helped me to move forward in my journey of making the best of both my personal and professional lives. I have become better in combining the two which helped me to make improvements in both respects.

On a personal level, I got to discover new interests & hobbies, broaden my horizon and make new friends. One of the hobbies I started to pursue, of which the preparation started already 1.5 years ago, is actually right in front of you J My blog took and still take me to new journeys. It helps me to better live in the moment, put daily issues in perspective, and connect with you from all over the world.

With blogging I also further developed my interest in photography. The best about this is that it gives me so much artistic freedom, while letting me to capture (even the smallest) life moments to last forever. They complement my writings and make my blog something personal that it is unique to me.

What is more 2017, you have shown me that friendships can be developed anywhere and anytime. It is so miraculous how certain situations and places have enabled me to meet new friends. Some I came to know during my travels abroad, while others I met through friends and colleagues.

Also on a professional level you have not left me in the cold. I had got the opportunity to take my online marketing skills to a new level, work together with new ambitious clients and develop my own best practices. These include the ones I use at the office as well as those I take on after my workday. I am convinced that performing at your best at work is equally important as checking yourself out from work after working hours. That is why I have developed my own approach of closing my workday in a relaxed way. This has really helped me to gain more personal time while I recharge myself to give my 100% again the next working day.

All in all, I am really going to miss you, 2017! The best way I use to remember you is to apply the lessons you taught me in 2018.

Love always,



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