How To Successfully Choose Your Holiday Destination

How To Successfully Choose Your Holiday Destination

Choosing the best holiday destination is the start of every wonderful vacation. Here are my best tips for nailing this.

Although going on holiday is so much fun and I simply cannot get enough of it, choosing the exact destination is often a completely different story. Every time the holiday dilemma pops up and it feels like an impossible mission to select one specific destination. If I had my way, I would discover each and every corner of the world all at once. However, the hardest truth is that right now I cannot just take a few years off and go travel around the world. Before I can turn this into reality, I need to make the most out of the resources I have available now. Whether it is an extended vacation or a city trip, there are simply so many beautiful places to choose from that it makes it difficult for me to pick just one. Luckily, after planning many trips, I managed to develop a set of effective questions that has made me to nail it ever since. These questions help you to narrow down the options until you are only left with one destination. This way, you can devote your time and energy to plan this dream holiday. Does this not sound amazing? Let us get started!

How much time do you have?
This is the most essential factor to consider. It sets the scene for the whole holiday. For example, in case you have a few weeks off in prospect, then an intercontinental destination sounds like the ideal plan if your budget allows it too. In contrast, if you only have a few days off, then a short city trip might be a better option.

What is your budget?
Depending on how much money you have available for the holiday, you can decide to go for a cheap or expensive destination. To not limit our options, it is important to keep in mind that long-haul holidays are not necessarily more expensive than short-term trips. Although the transport costs might be higher for long distance journeys, the total spendings might be compensated by the relatively lower cost of living in that specific destination. This way, the total amount you pay for a short-haul trip to a country with a high price level can eventually be equally high as that for a long-haul holiday. In addition, you do not always have to opt for the capital city of a country. You will find out that second cities are relatively cheaper and the experiences you get there might be even more unique.

What kind of travel experience are you looking for?
Ask yourself what you want to get from your holiday. Do you want to enrich yourself with cultural experiences or is it a beach holiday you are longing for? In case you can not choose between them, then there are always places that enable you to combine them both.

Who is / are your travel partner(s)?
The people you share the holiday adventure with (or not) can make particular destinations and holiday types more or less appropriate and practical. For example, your holiday destination and travel style in times you are travelling alone will be totally different than when you are accompanied by children.

In what period you want to go?
For almost every country and place there is a particular period during the year which makes it extra worthwhile for people to visit that specific destination. This can be because of specific festivals, national days, sport events or seasonal activities. For example, planning a trip to Japan during the cherry blossom blooming period makes the visit extra meaningful and unforgettable.

I hope these tips will help you to both reduce your holiday dilemma and save time in the same way they have helped me. Also, do not forget to have fun along the way. Do you have other tips to efficiently pick the best holiday destination for your next trip? I’d love to hear from you.

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