How To Get Inspired? 5 Best Tips To Make It Happen

How To Get Inspired? 5 Best Tips To Make It Happen

Sometimes it feels like inspiration is hard to find. These five tips show you that the opposite it true!

I have often been ask the question where I get my inspiration from. A lot of us think that inspiration is something that comes natural to us. Actually, inspiration is not something that comes knocking at your door but rather something that you need to actively seek for. Inspiration is hidden even in the smallest corners, without you even consciously noticing it. To improve your life, both private and professional, we need to have inspiration to bring us further. They help us to set new standards and create newer & better ways in the things we do. This is unlike the common thought that inspiration is only confined to the artists. Getting inspiration is easier than many of us think. Try these 5 best tips to ride the wave of inspiration.

Meet new (different) people
Proactively mingle with people that have other perspectives than you have. This way, your status quo will be shaken up, your mind will get expanded and new ideas will come in. I know it is easier to meet new friends that are similar to you but the challenge really lies in getting in touch with those that differ from you in many respects, including background, profession and interests. With a steady job and a bunch of livelong friends, it is harder to jump outside your own bubble. From my own experience, the best way to do this is to go to non-industry related conferences & seminars, taking group dance classes and participating in voluntary work. Not only does the latter give you the chance to encounter many people that do something totally different in their daily life, it also lets you to contribute and give back to the community.

Write It Down
You can easier visualise your ideas by putting it on paper and from there you can think about other ideas. The key is to jot everything down that pops into your mind (from brilliant to funny, from bad to good). One thought attracts and provides the input for another. It will follow up each other, especially when they show a pattern, it is easier for you to trace back the stroke of genius.

Put yourself in new situations
Earlier I have mentioned taking dance class and doing voluntary work. These are both examples that have set me into new situations. New situations can literally be anything that changes your way of doing, from small to radical ones. It can be anything from trying out a new tea blend to traveling to an unknown place and from visiting a museum to taking a new haircut. These new approaches bring you new perspectives and ideas.

Soak up the nature
Taking in fresh air will trigger new thoughts. When you walk around and soak up the deep nature take the chance to be inspired by the different patterns and structures as well, such as the structures of leaves and footprints on sand paths. Also, walking in this peaceful and stillness environment enables you to come closer to yourself think clearer gives you a lot of space to think and. It is no surprise that there is a saying that in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

Put your “inspiration don’t come my way”-thought aside
Your attitude sets the scene for your inspiration to flow in. If you keep telling yourself that you never find inspiration or you hold onto your own fixed patterns, then of course inspiration will not come knocking on your doors. Once you change this mindset and opening yourself up to everything around you, you will soon notice that you get new ideas even from the smallest patterns and relationships between items, objects and people. The trick is to both pick up some components & mix them into your current way of doing, and ask how you will do things differently than the things you observe.

What ways do you yourself use to get inspired? I would love to hear from you.

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