How Running Has Changed My Life

How Running Has Changed My Life

The moment I decided to pick up running as hobby again, a lot of new doors have opened up to me. Find out how running has changed my life.

Running has been something I always liked to do when I was younger. I love to run without any specific direction in mind, but to just let my feet go their way and see where they will take me eventually. It is a pity that the older I become, the more running has moved all the way down to the bottom of my priorities list. Few months ago, I was determined to pick up this hobby again. I have told myself to keep going and push through the hard times, because this sport was something that make my heart beat faster (literally and figuratively!). After some months have passed, I already see some significant changes it made in my life. Which is why I have decided to take it to an even higher level. I hope I can take you along with me in this journey. For now, read on for the way my running journey has improved my life so far.

Empty my mind
When I run, it feels that the problems and issues all make way for peace of mind and new insights. The issues that once feel like floating in my mind, now all get arranged neatly in my head. Things that were difficult to solve suddenly present their solutions to me but also inspiration & new ideas come flowing into my mind.

Set my emotions free
There has to be a reason why running is often used as a therapy and I know why. It is a great way to let your emotions run free. Running lets me feel the strength and power in my whole body and mind. It makes me master my emotions after which I set them free. By setting the pace for my run I also determine the speed at which my emotions run free, which just feels great.

How Running Has Changed My Life 2

Come back to myself
Whether I run through forests, parks or heather, one thing is for sure. It always takes me closer to nature and lets me get back to my roots. Surrounded by mother nature, I disconnect from the world and connect again in order to come back to myself.

Improve my stamina
Every time I try to push my limit a bit further by setting a few more steps and embracing the discomfort. This way, I improve my stamina, my overall health and fitness. It is great to feel that I feel better in my skin and have more clear moments. It helps me to remind myself that this principle also holds in other situations in personal and professional life. Once I feel like giving up, I tell myself to just take one more step and one additional attempt and then the result will show. Now making a quick run in trying to still catch the train feels much easier and more comfortable.

Increase my patience level
Running is a great way to test and improve my patience. As many beginners, I already wanted to reach for the top immediately. However, the moment I wiped away the dust from my running shoes and started running again, I got a better realisation that things needed time to be built with patience. Although I wish to run the marathon straightaway, my fitness level and stamina need to accommodate for it. Every time when things do not directly show results, I recall the great example of running and tell myself that things do come. I just need to be patient and confident as I work towards it.

Become a better me, both personally and professionally
Running enabled me to develop qualities that improve myself as a person, including the above mentioned patience and stamina. Not too be missed, it keeps teaching me lessons in dealing with life situations. This helps me to further shape my private and personal lives and make the most out of them. Running enables me to unload after work, clear my mind and come with new inspiration. This not only facilitates me in making mental and physical space for my personal life but also let me to rock my professional life again full with energy.

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Make new friends
Once I have put on my running shoes and get on the road, I feel committed with runners who are doing the same. When coming across each other, a greet and a talk often flows naturally. After a while you come to know each other better and eventually you get to run together. This way, new friendships emerge. The best is that you both share a common interest. You can motivate each other in your own running journeys, and even in official runs & marathons.

Do you love to run as well? And if so, what kind of benefits have you gained from it or do you take on any other sports? Iā€™d love to hear from you.

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7 thoughts on “How Running Has Changed My Life”

  1. Even more amazing when you in the middle of the night. There’s no car, no people – it feels like you have the whole world to yourself. I like running in the middle of a normally busy road. And when you finish your run, your day has only just begun!

  2. Hey Mee-ling awesome post! I love seeing how you keep on working on your health. Good work. I stumbled upon your post by Joachim’s share on Facebook. I like your blog and i’m just starting out myself. I was wondering… How do you make such beautiful photo’s? They are really nice. Did your jogging partner make them or was there another trick behind it? You got a new blogfollower! šŸ™‚

    • Hi Akash! Great to hear from you and see you here šŸ™‚ Thanks, what I try to do as much as possible is to make photos in daylight. That really plays a major role. Also, I am happy that I can rely on my Canon reflection camera for making nice shoots. Let’s stay in touch in this blogging world!


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