How I Learned To Deal With Anxiety

How I Learned To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety occurs in both our professional and private lives. Learning to deal with it really requires an on-going dedication and a structured process. I can tell you everything about it as I have been struggling with this for quite some time. Although I can now carefully say that I have my extent of anxiety in control, there still will be days in which the opposite seems to be true. If this latter happens, it luckily will be of short duration as I gradually bounce back to a healthy level of anxiety. This is because of the following “secret recipe” that I am sharing with you below.

Get it over with
I noticed about myself that I feel anxious either because of pressure to have control over something or the fear to fail. So every time when I feel my anxiety level starts to rise, I analyse my fear of failure. I remind myself that the worst is not to fail but rather to be hold back by the fear of failure. I try to think away the fear and just start. I fail if I must, I lift myself back up and I begin again. Every time I do this, I remind myself that it is not the failure itself that holds me back but rather the unwillingness to start over again. If I am afraid then I just go ahead doing it without thinking, to get it over with already. The more I think about an issue, problem or dilemma without acting upon it, the more the fear keep floating in my mind. So it is better to execute on it and get it behind you.

Things you want lightly, come easily
Another factor that causes fear to rise is the need to maintain control. I know it sounds very strange and controversial but the truth is that the less you force or try to control something, the easily it comes. As things go smoothly, it in turn reduces your anxiety and stress levels. So how about letting things go their natural flow? By doing this, you will automatically replace anxiety with faith and hope.

Declutter your mental and physical spaces
Crowded surroundings and a cluttered mind incite anxiety. By decluttering both your mind and physical space, you have a better overview of things which brings more inner peace. This, in turn, leaves fear with little room to develop itself.

Others are facing exactly the same
We are often so fixated on our problems and fears that we simply forget that other people are dealing with theirs as well. Once you know that you are not the only one with your issues and concerns, it makes you feel less frustrated and anxious about them. Even better if you can talk with people around you who deal with similar matters so that you can learn from each other’s experiences. This also gives you more power to fight your fear and help you put your anxiety into perspective.

Can you relate to my story about anxiety? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I think that everyone suffers from anxiety from time to time, and your advice above is very helpful. I particularly agree with your comments on decluttering (both mentally and physically): I find it makes such a difference to my state of mind.


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