Hong Kong’s Outlying Islands: Living The Island Life

Hong Kong’s Outlying Islands: Living The Island Life

Escape the fast-paced life in Hong Kong and explore its hidden outlying islands. Do not miss out on these six activities to make the best out of the island life in Hong Kong.

Hope you guys all are doing well! In the attainment of my resolution to travel more, I have kicked off this year with a trip to nowhere else than Hong Kong. When thinking of this metropolis, we cannot get around its busy and chaotic city life. But do you know that there also exists a totally opposite life in Hong Kong’s amazing outlying islands?

Hong Kong has a countless number of islands, from Lantau Island to Cheung Chau and from Lamma Island to Ping Chau. No matter how they differ from each other, they all impress us and help us to recharge ourselves by escaping the hectic daily life. You can imagine that I do not want to miss the great chance to experience life in the beautiful islands of Hong Kong. Especially for us, contemporary business women, I have summed up the following activities that we can do there as a great way to take a break from your work and have some me time. So keep reading along and get inspired!

Soak up the nature
The best about the Hong Kong outlying islands are their beautiful landscapes. Every island has its unique offering when it comes to the composition of flora and fauna. Walking through these natural sceneries makes you feel one with both the nature and everything that lives & grow there.

Admire the cultural treasures
The one thing that all the outlying islands have in common is their richness of cultural heritage and historical treasures, with many buildings and monuments being still in perfect shape. It is like the history of the islands are revealing themselves to you.

Hong Kong Outlying Islands Big Buddha

Hike your way through the island
With the many hiking trails and their amazing sceneries, the islands form a real paradise for the hikers among us. Explore the islands and be open to everything that it has to offer as you move your way along the mountain paths.

Hong Kong's Outlying Islands Hiking Trails

Taste the great fresh food
As the islands are surrounded on all sides by the sea, the seafood you get there is without doubt one of the freshest. Walking around in the islands, you will also come across a lot of fields in which organic vegetables are grown. These are then sold in local farm markets, just a few miles away.

Talk with local people
Mingle with the locals and come to know their life on the islands. This way, you can enrich your exposure and get to know about the habits of islanders. You will be amazed how open-minded and hospitable they are. Talking with them definitely broaden your world.

Catch a breath of fresh air at the beach
Every island is home to the many beautiful beaches. After you have finished the hiking trial or mountain climb, give yourself a nice break at the beach. Feel the wind in your hair and sands in your feet as you become one with the ocean.

Have you been to one or more of the islands in Hong Kong before? If you plan to go here soon, have a great time exploring and living the Island life.

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