Hong Kong Eggettes Reinvented

Hong Kong Eggettes Reinvented

With the eggettes parfait being a fusion of the much-loved traditional local eggettes and the contemporary Italian low-fat gelato, it is really a must-try in Hong Kong.

One of the things that made me love Hong Kong so much is its iconic eggettes, or egg waffles. This traditional snack has stolen many hearts, including mine. When discovering that there is a shop selling a fusion of eggettes with gelato, I could almost jump for joy. Between the many boutiques and restaurants in Central, my sister and I have found Oddies Foodies at no. 45 Cough Street.

Hong Kong Eggettes Reinvented 2

We were welcomed by the bright and simplistic interior. The inside look spacious with the ice cream/eggette bar and the two long wall-mounted tables. You can choose from a variety of gelatos, jar-latos, (gelato in a jar) and its iconic eggette parfaits (eggettes with ice gelato) not to be missed.

Hong Kong Eggettess Reinvented 3

Not only are there many gelato choices, the eggettes also come with some unique flavours and fillings. Seeing all these different options made me turn back into that little girl in the candy shop again. Finally we decided to opt for the Night Wolf and the Mob.

The Night Wolf is a brownie chocolate chip eggettes dipped in Italian twist soft gelato with passion fruit panna cotta and crunchy flakes inside. The best about this eggette was that is had a crunchy outside with a soft chocolate surprise inside. As the eggette is less sweet with a mild chocolate flavour, the chocolate ice cream really complements it with a stronger and sweeter chocolate taste. The warm eggette made the upper layer of the gelato gradually melt but by mixing the melting part with the gelato at the bottom, it becomes a smooth substance which turns out to be a very nice dip.

For all the matcha lovers among us, do not stop yourself trying out the Mob. This is a matcha heave in a cup with matcha eggettes served atop matcha gelato. The matcha flavour was not too predominant as it has been given a nice twist by little chunks of black sesame mochi inside the eggette and apple yuzu jelly & wafer chunks in the gelato. Just like the Night Wolf, the gelato started to melt by the warmth of the eggettes. By stirring it you get a creamy substance which you can spread on the eggettes.

Hong Kong Eggettes Parfaits

Overall, it is a well-thought concept, combining the traditional “eggettes” with the contemporary “gelato”. They taste great when combined together. Also, the ambience was lovely. Although the prices are not cheap, it is worthwhile to try it if you are great fan of both gelato and egg waffles, or you want to satisfy your sweettooth. Since Oddies Foodies is close to office buildings, you can even drop by during lunchtime or tea break.

Have you tried the eggettes parfaits at or traditional eggettes before? What were your experiences there? I’d love to know.

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