How To Play And Have Fun Like Kids Again

How To Play And Have Fun Like Kids Again

Have fun like a kid again and revive your inner child with these 8 simple tips. You got this!

When was the last time you felt and played like a kid? As our lives as lady bosses are filled with professional and social obligations, the joy of life we once felt when we were younger often seems hard to find now. However, we should not be fooled into believing that the life of a contemporary business woman has to be boring. There are a few simple ways to revive your inner child and have careless fun like in the good old days. Let us dive in.

Organise an old-fashioned campfire night
Gather with a group of old friends and recreate the high school campfire night with marshmallows catching fire on the open flame and hot chocolate milk. Amuse each other with scary stories while you all are safely covered with a warm plaid. As a bonus, you even hear the wildlife in the distance singing in the background.

Skate the world
How nice it is to lace up those old roller skates and to explore new places on wheels? In a carefree way, you let yourself be guided by the wind and you will just see in which place you end up. When you feel tired, you take a break and then continue with your trip. Sometimes you are lucky enough to pass by an ice cream van and you just order an ice cream along the way.

Swing on the playground
Swinging is one of my favorite playground activities. What I really love about swinging is that it enables me to exert control over the speed of going back and forth. Also, the wind in my hair and on my face gives me a rush. So you can often find me on the local playground swinging.

Dance in the moonlight
As a little girl I already liked to dance in the moonlight. Since I do not see any reason why I should not keep doing this as a grown-up lady, I often escape to the forest or the beach to dance like it is my last. It feels so good to dance on the rhythm of the moon & the stars when everyone else is asleep and nobody is watching.

Jump on the trampoline
You might still have a trampoline stored in the garden shed. Wipe away the dust from it and go jump on it as high as you can. Reach for the sky and believe that the sky is the limit. It feels so good to jump away your worries & problems and be literally on top of things.

Climb trees
For as long as my body allows me to, I will keep climbing trees. It helps me to train my mind and improve my flexibility. I can rely on only myself and decide for myself on which branch I place my feet as I climb higher up the tree. This is what nurtures my inner child and gives me a sense of fulfilment.

Blow soap bubbles
I have always found that there is something magical and dreamy about soap bubbles. When I was young, I loved to chase after them until they burst. Also, I remember that I often had a soap bubble contest with neighbor children to see who has made the biggest bubble. Until today I still spontaneously buy soap bubbles at the toy store and create soap bubbles as big as possible.

Play board games
Especially on a rainy day, playing board games can do a lot of good. Organise a game night and invite your friends to come over to your place. Remind yourself how much fun and excited it can be once you are completely involved in the game. I bet the games on your mobile device can not beat these classical games. You can take a digital break at the same time.

Give them a try to awaken your inner child and reexperience the careless joy you had as a kid. Any other games you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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