For The Win: Performer Mindset

For The Win: Performer Mindset

Putting yourself in the role of a performer will change your mindset about your work. This can make a difference on your performance at the workplace. Read along.

In today’s highly routinised work environment with tight deadlines, we tend to do the requested tasks just for the sake of doing without really getting our heart and emotion involved. It becomes an automated process in which we consider ourselves as just making a small contribution as part of the greater whole. To break this cycle and stand out from the crowd, it is all about adopting the performer mindset.

Like the word ‘performer’ already indicates, adopting this mindset means you consider yourself as an artist who inspires and connects with his or her audience. See the office or any other work environment as your stage, in which you have all freedom and resources to create your own masterpiece. Yes, that is right! See yourself as a performer, rather than just one of the many employees of the company, and treat the things you need to do for your supervisor & clients as an piece of art. Try to touch their hearts by creating that wow effect. Read through as I reveal how this mindset can take your performance at work to the next level.

It enables you to be fully involved and engaged with what you do
As a performer your aim is to connect and touch the hearts of your audience. You will only attain this if you are mentally & emotionally engaged in what you are doing. This is actually the principle of producing high-quality work and applies to any kind of job. Even for the most simple, routinised task-based work, you might not eventually know how much impact it will make on the recipient. For example, serving a cappuccino to a client with a little cookie aside the coffee dish reflects your caring and thoughtfulness. The same applies to minutes you write of the project meetings with colleagues. You may never know in which hands your written summary will end up. If you ensure your written report is always accurate and polished like an piece of art, you never have to worry about who is going to read it. Even if they are exposed to the biggest stakeholders of your company, you can proudly say that you are the person behind this masterpiece.

You learn to appreciate yourself in a different way
Seeing yourself as an performer changes the way you see both yourself and the task at hand. When you realise that you are actually producing an artistic creature, you experience more pride and self-value. As a result, even it is hard to do your best at all times you will see that your inner passion to perform art for your dedicated audience will maintain your energy levels high.

You and your work stands out
As a performer you are driven to give your complete self to your art creation. You devote much effort and care to every detail of the masterpiece, even the smallest molecule which most people will not observe. Everything has to fall into place as pieces of the puzzle, from content to appearance. This touch of perfection acts as an distinctive quality that only you show. This way, you will stand out more. Also the complete art is the reflection of you. You not only just give your colleagues and other stakeholders your input in the project but more importantly you give them you.

Are you ready to take on this performer mindset and ace it all the way at work? I’d love to hear what your thoughts on this mindset are.

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