Declutter Your Life This Spring

Declutter Your Life This Spring

It is spring cleaning time. Follow these tips to successfully declutter your life and reset!

As we have entered the blooming season of spring, it is the best time to clean up and declutter. Spring cleaning your life helps you to create more space in both your personal and private life. As a result, you have more room to embrace new challenges & changes. Here I share with you my seven tips to get you started. Let’s do this together!

Declutter your wardrobe
Give your wardrobe a nice clean up. The trick is to do it all at once, instead of spreading it over a few days. This way, you prevent confronting yourself with the unfinished state of your closet decluttering at a later moment. Start with pulling everything out and divide the pieces into categories. This makes it more convenient for you to compare the items and decide which ones to keep. Get rid of the items you have not worn within one year. I usually donate them to charity. Not only will my closet thank me for unloading him, but I can also give my clothes a second life. That is what I call scoring two goals with one shot.

Organise your digital life
As we spend most of the time behind our computers and smartphones, these devices can get overloaded quickly with everything we download. Serious spring cleaning is the way to go in creating space again for important items. Begin with cleaning out all the items on your digital desktop. You do not want to be welcomed by a messy desktop every time you turn on the computer, do you? Go through all the documents & files and store them away in folders. Your smartphone will also appreciate the decluttering. Apps that you have not used in three months ask for deletion. Also, do not forget your mailbox. Delete unimportant emails right away and unsubscribe to e-newsletters that do not add to your life.

Clear your mental clutter
Related to the above-mentioned digital organisation of your life, digital detox this spring season can do you good too. Most importantly, it helps you to declutter your mind and create more mental space. Having to be frequently behind my laptop and social media as online marketer, I truly appreciate one or two digital detox evenings per week. Unplugging from electronic devices enables me to better turn to my inner self. It helps me to sort out the unwanted thoughts that have been floating around in my mind. After mapping them out, I commit myself to clear them out as they serve no purpose in my life.

Develop habits
By creating habits and developing logic in the things you repeatedly do, you save a lot of time and effort. It also gives you a sense of control and brings more peace of mind into your life. For example, put your keys right back in your handbag after using so that you do have to look for them the moment you leave the house. There are many other declutter habits you can think of that bring added value to your personal and private life.

Refine your relationships
You meet friends at different phases of your life. Since each of you grow and change in the path of attaining your own dreams and goals, your friendships will do the same. If you feel uncomfortable or tension by being around with some people, it is better to let them go. How hard this sometimes can be, you need to keep in mind that it is for the best. You have more time left to focus on those relationships that are more satisfying and in line with your path through life.

Have you tried any of these tips before? Are you going to? I’d love to hear from you.

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