9 Easy Ways To Pay It Forward

9 Easy Ways To Pay It Forward

Paying forward is not about the size of the act, but rather the gesture of kindness. Discover the following simple ideas for paying it forward.

I have always been a strong believer in karma and that whatever you give, you will eventually receive back. This is because we live in a world where kindness has positive repercussions and the gift of positive energy get recycled. By taking a moment to do something nice for another person to make him / her smile, I begin to see the world in a different way. Paying forward is not about the size of the act, but rather the gesture of kindness. I noticed that by practising this I begin to absorb more goodness and kindness in humanity and prosperity.

Smile to strangers on the street
Put your smile on as you walk around the streets. You never know whose day you are going to brighten with your smile.

Give a warm welcome to new neighbours
Make your new neighbours feel at home right away. Buy a housewarming gift or bake them a nice apple pie. Or how about giving them a guided tour in your neighbourhood and share with them your insider tips? No doubt that they will be forever grateful to you for it.

Write a letter to a friend
Surprise a friend who you do not got to see that often with a handwritten letter. Just write them a sweet message to let them know that you are thinking of them and send some positive light & energy their way. Nothing beats the power of a written word.

Offer someone a ride
Especially when public transport is deregulated or in severe weather circumstances, your offer to give people a ride can be of great value and more than appreciated.

Catch up with your former favourite teacher at secondary school
I am sure they are happy to see their former pupils again who have become young adults. You coming back and thanking them for the lessons will make them very happy. Also, it will satisfy their curiosity of what that little boy or girl in the class has become and which career path you have taken.

Propose to take pictures for tourists
If you see tourists having struggles making a group photo, offer to take it for them. They will cherish those pictures that remind them of a great time at your country.

Leave sweet encouraging notes in public places
Think of inspirational quotes or little compliments that you leave in the library or on a bench in the park. A little pick-me-up message is sometimes all what that person at that moment needs.

Write a review for a local business
Have you been to an amazing restaurant or hair salon that is worthwhile for you to spread the word? Write a positive Google review that help others also find their way to them. The success of small local businesses usually rely on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers and with only a few minutes of your day you can help them move forward.

Take elderly in nursing homes for a walk
Reach out to a nursing home in the neighbourhood and offer to take elderly who live there for a walk outside. You will be surprised how long they have not been outside. Not only will the fresh air do them good but that extra care will warm up their hearts as well.

When was the last time you paid it forward? Iā€™d love to hear from you.

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