7 Things I Am Afraid To Tell You

7 Things I Am Afraid To Tell You

There are some things I was always afraid of telling you. Today I have taken the courage to confess them to you and the release has never felt so good.

I finally plucked up my courage to write this article. It is one in which I confess the things that I was afraid of telling you in a long time. After taking a deep breath, I have decided to put them all down in black and white. Nowadays, the problem is that we are often selective in sharing things with others, trying to hide the things we are embarrassed or feel uncomfortable about. That is why it is a good practice for everyone of us to overcome our fear of sharing and have a sense of acceptance that life is not always a bowl of cherries. It is absolutely fine to show your true self with your flaws to the outside world and not to be afraid of being judged by them. We all should reflect more on the things that we are afraid to reveal to others and beat this fear altogether. This helps us to better be at peace with ourselves which, in turn, will contribute positively to both our professional and private lives. Let me kick off, here we go.. Some of these are very dear to my heart, while others are just hilarious.

I need additional time
I need more time than anyone else in many respects. Time to get used to a new environment, time to befriend with you, time to let go of something. The list can continue endlessly this way. I can guarantee you that once I get through this relatively longer time frame, it will be solid and stay that way.

I am afraid of disappointing people
I admit that I set my standards very high, especially when it comes to serving or meeting the expectations of other people. When I feel that I do not do this well, I will punish myself severely. I am aware that this hinders me from living my best life. So I am training myself to trust the process and do the very best to help others without having this to come at the expense of myself. Whatever the outcome turns out to be, I will always get a lesson from it and I should never blame myself if things did not go as expected.

You do not want to see me being sad
I do not get sad easily but in times when it is strike, things can get quite severe. I can cry waterfalls and forget how to get back up again.

I still sleep with a cuddle toy
It is the one that my mum has given me when I was 4 years old. When I was young I could not sleep without it. It has provided me a lot of comfort, confidence and security. Although I am older now, nothing has changed. You can imagine that I could not move to Amsterdam last February without taking my cuddle toy with me.

I dream about unicorns all the time
I still dream about unicorns and their magical powers. The energy they give me in my dreams I take with me to real life. This fuels my positivity and helps me to get the most out of my life.

I fear to be thought of as being naïve
The above-mentioned positivity helps me to move forward, even in difficult and tough times. A little downside from this is that others can confuse this with being naïve. This is not exactly the image I want other people to have of me. It can influence the way people asses my capabilities and their behaviour towards me.

I can not wait to get my first tattoo
I have been dreaming to get a tattoo for a decade now. However, I still have not decided what I should get inked. Inspiration from friends and websites make it even difficult to decide.

So no more secret-keeping anymore of the things I was afraid to tell you previously. I am happy that I have taken the courage to share them with you. Now it is your take. I hope you are brave enough to do the same. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time.

Love always,



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