6 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fall

6 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fall

Fall has always been a magical time of the year for me. Find out my top 6 reasons for loving autumn and why you should too!

Although I had a hard time saying goodbye to the summer, I am also happy that we have entered fall. Despite of the shorter days and falling leaves, autumn has something magical that other seasons do not have. Here are my top 6 reasons why I love the months ending with ‘ber’ and you should too!

It is beautiful outside
Parks and forests are completely transformed into beautiful beds of leaves. Nothing is better than to relax and refuel yourself by taking a walk outside and enjoy the magical colour sensations of gold, red, copper, and ochreous. It will immediately warm up your heart. Also, the feeling of chrunchy leaves under your feet is oh-so good.

It is the best time to heal and refuel your body
After all the barbecue parties and cocktail drinks you had in the summer, it is time for your body to recover and revitalise. With all the nutritious autumn vegetables, such as pumpkin and kale, you can easily make a delicious veggie soup and take in the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, taking a stroll or jog around the block has never been that tempting with the beautiful autumn scenery outside. That way you will easily achieve the recommended amount of exercise, and let us not forget that taking in the autumn breeze will always do us good.

A cup of pumpkin latte tastes the best in this season
When it gets dark and cold outside, nothing beats the coziness of the fireplace. I can literally sit hours next to it, while burying myself in a good book and a nice cup of pumpkin latte or hot chocolate (or even both of them when I simply could not resist). This just describes the best autumn moment and let me crave for more.

Best moment to restyle your home
You will no doubt spend more time inside during these autumnal days. This asks for a comfortable and cozy interior in which you feel at your best during these chilly days. So without having to feel guilty, you can happily shop the best accessoiries for your home. Buying candles, cushions, fleece paids and other decorations are all allowed.

Fall Fashion
The lower temperatures and chilly autumn breezes mean that we can literally pull everything out of our closet to mix and match with scarves, blazers and long sleeves. Endlessly combining with different textures and layers for a complete autumn outfit.

Autumn Kitchen
It is the best time to try out hearty soups and stews with the best seasonal vegetables from fall. I always love to visit the local farmer’s market to get all the ingredients I need for a fresh and nutritious autumn stew. There is always a great choice of autumn picks, such as pumpkins, butternut squash, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts. They are not only very delicious and filling, but also easy to make.

What do you love most about fall? Let me know.

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