5 Steps To Mindful Gift Giving In The Festive Season

5 Steps To Mindful Gift Giving In The Festive Season

The festive season is all about sharing happiness & celebrating each other with food and presents. Use these tips to practice mindful gift giving in finding the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Yay! I am so excited about the festive season in which it is all about being together with your loved ones, sharing happiness and celebrating each other with good food and presents. When it comes to gift giving, it is easy to forget about its whole underlying meaning in our busy personal and private lives. We then find ourselves doing last-minute Christmas shopping without really considering what it is that the recipient want or desires.

As I get older I came to appreciate the art of mindful gift giving. I find that the extrinsic value of a gift does not say anything at all. Instead, it is about its intrinsic worth and meaning to the person who receives it. It lies in how you make someone feel when you offer heartfelt energy in the form of the gift. Having clear in your mind what the “why” behind the gift is, makes the gift special and unique for your loved one to receive. It both conveys a sense of care and deepens connections.

I know that for many of us thoughtful gift giving does not come easy. That is why I am going to share with you a few tips that I have learnt myself on mindful gift giving. I hope that they will help you in boosting your creativity and finding the perfect gift for your loved ones as well.

The more the gift is tailored to the person to whom you are giving, the more heartfelt and thoughtful it gets. The realise this, the best is to reverse the roles and imagine that you are the one who receive it. There is something special about receiving a mason jar with your name that is filled up with your favourite mix of granola, nuts & seeds. And how about reading a sweet handwritten message on the first empty page of your favourite book? So personalisation does not necessarily mean that you need to build the gift from scratch, it can also lie in the smallest details.

See thoughtful gifting as having many layers. At the core lies the love that you have for that special person, which is surrounded by all the memories and experiences you have together. Your thoughtful gift is then a reflection of these two parts together, which is then wrapped up in wrapping paper.

You need time to create or find a gift that represents both the love and experiences. So, it is better to not wait until the last moment but to start earlier in going through your choices. Planning for the holiday season well ahead of time, prevents you from turning to impulse buying and any other purchases that are not based on a well-considered gift choice.

Thoughtful gift giving means finding inspiration within your experiences and memories you have shared with your loved one. These memories could literally be anything, from roadtrips taken together to inside jokes you made around the coffee table. Also, in times that you interact with each other, pickup the cues and small details that signals what the interests of the recipient is, whether it is in the form of verbal messages or non-verbal behaviour. These could be as tiny as favourite colour, preferred brand, and small habits. Make a short list of things that relates to both of you and see which one(s) can be represented in a gift.

Finishing touch
Now your beautifully personalised gift is ready to be wrapped up! Do not neglect the packaging since a mindful gift is all about the complete package. Pick a wrapping paper which is in your loved one’s favourite colour and tie a bow around the gift. Add a personalised name tag with the name written in your best handwriting.

Do you have any favourite thoughtful gift suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great time shopping and giving the gifts to your loved ones.

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