5 Creative Skills That Every Woman Should Learn And Embrace

5 Creative Skills That Every Woman Should Learn And Embrace

The best investment you will ever make in your life is investing in yourself. Embracing the following five creative skills contributes to your self-growth and makes your life even more fulfilling.

The best investment you will ever make in your life is investing in yourself. As I am approaching a new life chapter called the thirties, I want to equip myself with some additional creative skills. After all, creativity is an essential building block of self-growth to make my life even more fulfilling for the many years to come. Let us take a closer look at this list so that you can decide for yourself which skills you want to embrace as well.

Be familiar with Photoshop
You never know when you need to use Photoshop but it is always good to know how to work with it. You will come across many situations in which Photoshop skills just come in handy, whether it is giving your business card a touch up or designing an invitation letter for your birthday party.

Practice with public speaking and presenting in front of a big audience
I had always found presenting one of the scariest thing to do. Hearing your voice reflect in a room full of people and having all eyes on you can feel uncomfortable. The secret is practice, practice and more practice. Begin with talking in front of a small audience and get used to the feeling of giving a presentation. Gradually, public speaking starts to become more natural. Taking your audience on a journey with you with the aim to inspire and amuse them is really a creative art to embrace.

Make a decent photo
The older I become, the more I realise how valuable it is to capture good quality photos of both myself at the perfect angle and the unforgettable moments in my life journey. Not only does photography teach me to see the good in simple things, it also trains me to stay patient & focused at all times.

Write a book or poem
I truly believe that everyone can be a writer, whether you are born with writing talent or not. You do not need to eventually publish your masterpieces or make a living from writing books. Play with your words & thoughts and let them come straight from your heart. This also helps you to let your creative juices flow and to be more aware of yourself & the world around you. You will be amazed by the written creatures that you bring alive on paper. Soon you will discover your own writing style.

Make one dish your specialty food that everyone asks you to make
Is it not amazing that every time when your family and friends come over, they ask you to make your specialty dish because they love it so much? Bring your cookbook out of mothballs and start trying new recipes to come to your own signature dish. It feels so great when you put a dish on the table of which you can proudly say that it is your specialty.

Which of the above skills have you already make your own? Iā€™d love to hear from you!

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