How To Love Yourself More: Self-love Starts Today

How To Love Yourself More: Self-Love Starts Today

With Valentine’s Day just being around the corner, we are already focusing on the magical word “love”. Surprisingly enough, in the process of showing and expressing love to our loved ones we can easily forget to love ourselves. So as we are approaching 14th February, the perfect time has come to give yourself additional love. No one deserves your love more than yourself and self-love is, in the end, the condition of being able to love others. This makes quite sense, right? It is not rocket science. I always rely on the following things as it comes to pampering myself and showing myself some extra love.

Pamper yourself the way you like to pamper others
We often think creatively about all the different ways of pampering our partner, friends and family. However, when it comes to treating ourselves, then we can be very negligent in this respect. Why cannot you include yourself in this pampering plan? So imagine the things you would do to surprise or pamper your best friend right now and then treat yourself to them.

Use negativity to your advantage
Life will constantly put you on a test. This is not with the purpose to mess with you but to prepare you for the better. Instead of letting negativity and drawbacks ruin your life, turn it around in such a way that they add value rather than work to your disadvantage. For example, people talking negatively about you is the perfect opportunity for you to use it as motivation to even shine more and prove them wrong. Actually you should be happy that they care so much about you and spend time talking about you. The same applies when you have not win a business deal. It gives you area for improvement and a specific direction to move towards by both reflection on yourself and feedback from others.

Repeat this after me: It is not about them, it is about you
Other people will take care of themselves. Of course you can give them additional love and show your gratitude for them being in your life but not until you have embraced your complete self.

Say one kind sentence to yourself every day
It will only take around five seconds of your time but what you get from it is far more worth than that. By giving yourself compliments and appreciating yourself, the person behind your beautiful eyes will love you back for it. A few seconds in a day is not too much asked from yourself, right? When I was trying to make this a daily habit, I ensured that I have also written them down so that I can view them visually. Not only did this remind me to hold onto applying this “one kind sentence a day”-practice but it also gives me additional motivation to be sweeter to myself.

Put your strengths into the spotlight
Tap into your strengths and from there you extend your quality & power to the other parts of your life, including the ones you do not feel comfortable or confident about yet. This way, you allow yourself to focus more on the good things of yourself. This creates a feeling of happiness and love towards yourself.

I hope these tips help you to pamper yourself and show yourself more love. Do you have any other tips you want to share with me? Always remember to pamper yourself and others not only at Valentine’s Day but the whole year around, my loves.

Until next time!

Love always,


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2 thoughts on “How To Love Yourself More: Self-love Starts Today

  1. I definitely agree with using negativity to your advantage. I always try to think about how I want to feel once I get over whatever hump I have to get over…and I’m currently working on a more positive inner dialogue

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