4 Little Day To Day Changes I Am Making In My Life

4 Little Day To Day Changes I Am Making In My Life

In pursuit of balance between my professional and personal lives, I continuously reinvent myself and adjust my day-to-day practices. Currently, I have been implementing 4 small changes in my daily life. I thought it would be fun to share them with you as well. For me, it is not the size of these changes that matter, rather I care more about maintaining the daily rhythm so that I become a better version of myself everyday. Let us dive in.

Put away my digital devices one hour before bed
Still using my laptop and smartphone right before my good night’s sleep often makes me feel restless and incites a sequence of thoughts floating in my head. Cutting on my use of digital devices one hour before going to sleep has changed this for good. Replacing this by bedtime reading was the best decision I have ever made. It has been helping me to fall asleep more easily ever since.

Stop overcommitting
My loved ones know that I used to have a strong tendency to overcommit, whether it is writing a business proposal or arranging a surprise birthday party for a friend. This form of excessive dedication happened especially when I had either an over-desire to realise something or an overfocus on a situation. I learned to gradually distance myself from overcommitting by both reminding myself of my eventual goal and leaving out all subsidiary issues. This really came as a miracle cure.

Always keep the big picture in mind
Related to the above-mentioned point, when I am too much focused at work or in my private life, I will get lost into the details very easily. I have trapped myself so often in this situation that I felt the need to find a solution for this. After trying out many methods, I found out that the best way is to distance myself from the situation at hand and look at it from a third person perspective. This way, I prevent myself from drilling down further into the details so as not to lose the overall picture. Also, if I do catch myself getting stuck in the tiny things, I will write it down and read it over & over again. The more I do this, the better it makes me aware of the whole situation on hand.

Remind myself to smile
I cannot believe why I used to forgot about this all the time as it is really simple to accomplish. Every time when I get stuck in my head or things become too much, I remind myself to simply smile. The instant feeling of happiness that I get from this, helps me to bring back positive thinking and energy. Try it yourself and you will know immediately what I mean.

I hope that some of these small adjustments in my daily lifestyle have inspired you to make little changes in your daily practices as well. I am curious about the changes you undertake. Do not hesitate to share it with me in the comments below.

Until next time!

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Welcome to my blog. This is my little corner of the internet where I share with you my stories and tips to help you get both business and fun done, and make the best out of these two seemingly controversial worlds. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and take the time to look around & get inspired. Love always, Mee-Ling

4 thoughts on “4 Little Day To Day Changes I Am Making In My Life

  1. I am striving to make a little time each day to read a book…some days it could be 15 mins some days 1 hr but just making time for something I enjoy doing. Loved this post! I will try the put away phone 1hr prior to bed 🙏

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