Stay Close To People Who Feel Like Sunshine

Stay Close To People Who Feel Like Sunshine

In a previous article, I talked about the importance of letting go and how I have gradually embraced this art as a high-sensitive person. Looking from the other side of the spectrum, holding on to those that do deserve your attention and love is equally important. The energy and time I gain by releasing my hold on people, things and situations that no longer serve me, I invest in those that do set my soul on fire. What a great feeling it is to see this practice having a positive impact on both my personal and professional lives. The magical word is quality not quantity. Although the people who really feel like sunshine can be counted on the fingers of one hand, do not underestimate their power of lighting up your heart and bringing you happiness. Read along as I reveal how I recognise these precious human souls in my life.

How I know I have found my sunshine people:

  • Silences between us do not feel awkward, we simply enjoy each other’s presence without having to talk.
  • They know when I need support and provide me a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, without me having to ask.
  • We do not only share problems but also celebrate joy together.
  • They are not afraid to challenge and confront me with my flaws to help me develop
  • We have inside jokes that nobody else gets.
  • I do not only miss them when I am in trouble but also when I am having fun.
  • I randomly pop up in their mind and they immediately let me know about it.
  • I feel 100% comfortable sharing my flaws and imperfections with them.
  • I can be on the phone with them for hours.
  • I cannot imagine how life would be without them.
  • Our most cherished core values and beliefs are aligned.
  • They surprise me by showing up at my doorstep unplanned.
  • They know what I think without me having to say anything.

Have you found the people who feel like sunshine? Even if you have not meet them yet, I promise they are out there waiting for you.

Until next time!

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