The 5 Best Tips To Reset After A Busy Workweek

The 5 Best Tips To Reset After A Busy Workweek

At the end of the workweek, you might be a bit overfocused on work with some events or tasks still doing a run in your head. You can even remain restless until the end of the weekend. I totally feel you. We need to get back in the driver’s seat and do everything we can to reset our lives after an exhausted week. We do ourselves so much good by bringing back that balance between our professional and private lives. I am happy to share with you my five favorite ways to unwind and recharge during the weekend.

Digital detox
Especially when you are online all the time for work, such as me, it could not be any better than to unplug yourself for the weekend. Being offline helps you to exclude all digital distractions so that you can really come back to yourself and live in the moment. As soon as you start doing this, you will notice that you actually do not miss out on anything at all by putting aside your laptop and mobile for the weekend.

Sweat it off
It is just magical how a workout can make me feel like a totally different person afterwards. Not only do I feel better but also stronger. The sweat and increased heart rate remind me of how strong I am and that I can really beat any negativity, stress or insecurity coming my way. You do not need to take on complicated physical exercises. A stretch session or a good walk can already make a difference. I have to admit that it can be tough at the beginning when your body needs to get into the flow. However, this will be soon replaced by a happy and empowering feeling as your body start to release more endorphins (a.k.a. happy hormones) during your workout.

Nourish and restore your spirit
In the daily grind and work hectic, you can lose your enthusiasm and motivation in things. So weekends are really the time to complement for this loss and refuel your soul. I have found out that the best way for me to nurture my spirit is to be close to where I come from and what has shaped me as a person. That way, I regain my inner energy and peace by spending time with my tribe, consisting of my family and close friend, and being in the nature. The latter helps me to clear my mind and brings me closer to my roots. This is also why I like to do my workouts, such as running and bootcamp, close to the animals and vegetation in the open air.

Allow yourself to rest and switch off
Many of us think that resting is just a waste of time. Actually the opposite is true. You do not always need to fulfill social obligations or feel the urge to always be online. Just take a rest and do nothing else than focusing on your breathing. By doing this you create space in your mind. It helps you to both see things in perspective and let go of those that does not add any value at all.

Draw away
I have been keeping a sketchbook for a very long time now. On the weekends, I let the pencil in my hand be guided by my heart. I connect with my feelings and thoughts, after which I visualise and put them on paper. This is my way of being at peace with them and letting them go. For me this works very well to calm down after a busy and tough workweek. That way, I already have a collection of sketchbooks full with drawings I made. Every now and then, I flick through them and each time it is so amazing to see how my drawings have developed across time.

I hope these tips help you to recharge after a hard week. What are your ways of unwinding and relaxing after a busy workweek? I’d love to hear from you! After you have embraced the practice of resetting in the weekends, give a try to close every workday in a relaxed way as well.

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