Hong Kong: Home To Street Art And Colourful Buildings

After my visit to the colourful streets of London’s Nottinghill, I am happy to continue my search for vibrant artistic streets in Hong Kong. Here I am lucky enough to stumble upon the many mural paintings and colourful buildings. They cheer up the grey streets and contribute further to Hong Kong’s gorgeous aesthetics. The best is that they are all spread over the different towns and neighbourhoods. This makes it a real adventure to find as many of them as possible. Follow through as I reveal some of the most colourful (and instagrammable!) spots to you.

The Yellow Boat House, located at 86-88 Stanley Main Street in Stanley.
Hong Kong Colourful House Stanley

Row of old-fashioned townhouses against a blue background. On the corner of 46 Graham Street and 48 Hollywood Road in Central.
Hong Kong Street Art Graham Street

Rainbow houses, situated at 1-86 Tung Wan Road in Cheung Chau.
Hong Kong Colourful Houses Cheung Chau

A cheerful Brazilian woman with a big smile, accompanied by a toucan. This can be found on the wall of 38 Peel Street in Central.
Hong Kong Street Art Peel Street 38

The Pawn, 62 Johnston Road in Wan Chai.
Hong Kong Beautiful Building The Pawn

Have you been to these colourful places in Hong Kong before? If you plan to visit here soon, have a great time exploring around and taking in your dose of art inspiration.

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