10 Desk Essentials To Ace Your Office Life

10 Desk Essentials To Ace Your Office Life

If there is one thing that lots of us ladies have in common in today’s working world, it is the huge amount of time spend behind our office desk. So it is important that you have all necessary essentials on your desk to be prepared for any pleasant and unpleasant surprises. This is why I have rounded up 10 essentials that every working lady should keep on or aside her desk.

Paper notebook
Although most of us get all of our work done with our laptop or desktop, it is always good to have a notebook within hand’s reach. Traditionally writing down great ideas or to-do things anytime when they pop up, simply feels so good. Having them beside you even means that you can shed an eye on it and check it off anytime.

Hydrating eye drops
Continuously staring at that computer screen for hours can be very tiring for your eyes. If you wear contact lenses such as me, they can dry out even more. That is why I like to pamper my eyes with eye drops. It can relief your eyes and prevent dry- and redness. The one that I have been using from the start is Tears Naturale II. My optometrist once recommended it to me and I have been using it ever since. I do really feel that it makes my eyes more comfortable and it helps me to keep my focus throughout the workweek.

Cell-phone Charger
With your mobile phone serving multi-functional purposes at work, from making conference calls to clients to scheduling after-work plans with friends, it is very essential to have your phone charger always at hand. I always have a USB-cord connected to my computer, so that I can charge my phone whenever it is necessary. And how about the spontaneous after-work celebrations or surprise dinner, needing your phone to hold on longer for you to make fabulous photos?

(Healthy) Snacks
Hard work makes you hungry. To re-energize yourself (outside the lunch breaks), it is good to keep a small supply of fresh fruit, granola bars, oat meal packs or dried fruit on your desk. They are also a great way to cure your mid-afternoon cravings and help you resist the temptation to grab that Mars-bar in the pantry or turn to the vending machine. Usually I make my own fresh granola bars and pack it to work.

Chewing gum / breath mints
To refresh your mind and breath, it is good to always have a pack of chewing gums or breath mints on your desk. They can also give you that extra feeling of confidence just before you go into a client or internal meeting at the office.

Throughout the day I make sure I keep myself hydrated all the time. Not only is this essential for your health, but it also keeps your mind sharp at work.

Hair Ties & Bobby pins
The most annoying thing is to have your hair all over your face when you are getting business done or rushing to meet a deadline. Not only are hair ties and bobby pins very functional, they also let you look more productive and motivated.

Hand Sanitiser
Hygiene at the workplace should not be missed out. Especially when one colleague has caught the flu, it can easily spread across the whole office. It is these times that the hand sanitiser comes in handy to defend yourself from the flu.

Walking around a whole day in high heels can be very painful. That is why I always have a pair of flats under my desk, so that I can switch between the two whenever I want or need. They also come in great use when your shoes got wet in the rain on your way to work and you do not want to soak your feet in the wet heels for the rest of the day.

Touch-Up Toolbag
It is always unpredictable when your make-up will smudge. So keeping a touch-up kit on your desk is always a good idea. Also if you have an event or party after work, you want to do a bit of touch-up before you go. I fill this bag always with my foundation, lip balm, but also feminine products and dental floss. You never know when you will need them.

What necessities do you keep at work to help get you through the day? Share them below in the comments. I’d love to know about them.

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