Next time you feel
you are not good enough,
look in the mirror.

Through all the pain you are still alive
and even more, you thrive in spite of it.
All the tears that have rolled
over your face and all those brushes,
they have made you a better you.

Look into your own eyes.
Those beautiful eyes,
they have seen it all.
They help you to make sense of the world.
They tell you that you can
survive the deepest valleys
and climb the highest mountains.

Behind those eyes are where
a strong woman hide,
the woman who wishes
the best for the world
and keep trying with all her might
to make it a better place to live.

Look at your gorgeous invisible wings.
They take you to places,
show you the way,
help you reach the stars
and let you overcome the highest obstacles.
Know that they will
never leave you alone.
So always spread them wide open
and let them flatter around,
even in the darkest skies.

So smile at the person in the mirror
and tell her that
she is good enough.

©Mee-Ling Man

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Welcome to my blog. This is my little corner of the internet where I share with you my stories and tips to help you get both business and fun done, and make the best out of these two seemingly controversial worlds. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and take the time to look around & get inspired. Love always, Mee-Ling

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