How To Close Your (Working) Day In A Relaxed Way: 5 Tips To Make This Happen

How to close your workday in a relaxed way

Working day after working day, you are going places and getting things done. Even after you arrived home and laid down on the couch, you still feel restless. Does this sound familiar to you? You are not alone, many of us find it difficult to regain peace in our mind after a busy day of work. Nothing is more annoying than all the thoughts floating in your mind that keep you away from your beauty sleep. By closing your working day in a relaxed way, you can start over the next day full with energy. Here are some tips that I find very useful and which I hope can help you too.

Improve the ambiance of your sleeping room
During working days, your sleeping room is that part of the house in which you spend most of the time. So the ambiance should be round and about here to recharge yourself and regain peace of mind. This can simply be done by little – but impactful – things such as burning your favorite candle, using your favorite fragrance sticks, covering yourself under a comfortable plaid or getting carried away with a good book.

Reflect back on the day
Recap the day, even if it is just for 3 minutes. Think about both the good and bad things that happened. Especially for the bad things, it is important that you also imagine how you would have done differently to prevent it to happen the next time. The key is to do this just once and then let them go for good so that it will not keep floating in your mind. What really helps me in doing this is keep a “one line a day: a five year memory book” in which I put down in one or two sentences the highlights of every single day. These can be happy moments as well as learnings.

Drink a warm cup of water
Different studies have pointed out that drinking warm water will calm down your nerves and stimulate your blood flow. That way it will help you to relax and slow down after a busy day of business. In addition, hydrating in itself is an effective way to keep your stress levels down.

Do a little bit of clean-up
It is not really enjoyable to find yourself in a messy home after a tiring working day. And it will definitely not help you to take your rest in a living room that could come straight from the jungle. To clear up the mess in your house will also help you to empty your mind. Even if it is only 10 minutes, your home will thank you in return!

Set the pace for tomorrow.
Preparing for tomorrow will give you a feeling of control and make you feel better inside. This can be done in many ways. Making your breakfast & lunchbox and finding that perfect outfit for tomorrow are great examples of how planning for the next day help you to close the day in peaceIt will also let you have that fresh and energetic start when you wake up the next morning.

Most of the time when I am back home after a long day, I am happy that these five tips help me to really kick off the rush & tension and revive my inner peace. Of course, it will happen once in a long while that I cannot follow through on these, which is absolutely fine. Especially when I am away from home or if I arrive very late from work, I do allow myself to just plunk onto the couch. However, in these situations it usually turns out that my regrets will arise soon thereafter. So in all ways, I do try to keep on this routine to gain back my rest, both mentally and physically. I hope they will work for you as well! Have you tried one or more of the above tips before? I’d love to hear from you.

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