The Best Thing

The Best Thing

You know what the best is?
I tell you this.
It is when you can openheartedly
talk about your flaws,
even to strangers
with a sense of acceptance.
Accepting your blemishes just the way they are
and turn them into encouragement and hope
to do it better in the future.

You overcome the fear of talking openly
about your mistakes and imperfections
because you know that you can inspire
other people with them.

Your heart and desire to inspire
is bigger than your fear to be vulnerable,
which is why
you talk about your flaws unashamedly.
Your imperfections
they are so beautifully raw and pure,
that they shine through your body
to touch the heart of others and open their eyes.
People start to admire you instead
of laughing at you.

Meanwhile you will become stronger,
by taking the courage to open up yourself to others
and not minding that people see your scars.
You gradually reach that point of
embracing your scars and flaws.
You no longer let them stop you
from chasing after your dreams.

This means you have succeeded
to look beyond your flaws,
the feeling oh-so great.
This means you have achieved
a level of acceptance
and have given your imperfections
a place in your heart.
This means you no longer let them
holding you back.
Instead you turn them into
life lessons and positive energy
to keep yourself going.
Your flaws have made you
a stronger self.
The way you deal with them
inspires other people around you.

©Mee-Ling Man

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Welcome to my blog. This is my little corner of the internet where I share with you my stories and tips to help you get both business and fun done, and make the best out of these two seemingly controversial worlds. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and take the time to look around & get inspired. Love always, Mee-Ling

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