9 Easy Ways To Pay It Forward

9 Easy Ways To Pay It Forward

Paying forward is not about the size of the act, but rather the gesture of kindness. Discover the following simple ideas for paying it forward.

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The Picture That Turned Into Black And White

The Picture That Turnt Into Black White

The moment the picture you took with her turned into black and white, the moment you decided to take away all its colours, you have no idea how this has changed her life once and for all. All the vividness, love and happiness that were once captured by this picture, escaped and have found their […]

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My First Official Run

My First Official Run

You should have seen this post coming.. Yes, I really participated in my official first race three weeks ago on 15th July 2018, a date to never forget. In my article about how running has changed my life I have already hinted that I was going to participate in official running races. So how did […]

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The Art Of Letting Go

The Art Of Letting Go

Letting go of situations, persons and things that we have once loved is difficult. Read how I as a highly-sensitive person have dealt with it.

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Lost And Found In Baden-Baden

Lost And Found In Baden-Baden 5

24 hours is all it took for me to be lost and found in Baden-Baden. Discover now the highlights that has made my one day exploration of Baden-Baden an unforgettable one.

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